Programming ATTiny84A with Mega2560


I'm bit stuck here and hoping community can help.
I'm trying to program attiny84a with my Mega2560

I have taken following steps:

  1. Programmed my Mega with Arduino ISP, programmer AVR ISP

  2. Connected mega to attiny like this:
    ATTINY (pin)--------MEGA
    slave reset ( 4 )-------53
    MOSI ( 7)------------51
    MISO ( 8 )------------50
    SCK ( 9 )-------------52

I also connected heartbeat and error led

  1. Changed led pin in blink program = 0

  2. Programmed using "ATtiny84 (internal 1MHz clock)" board option and "Arduino as ISP" for prigrammer.
    Got error: "avrdude: please define PAGEL and BS2 signals in the configuration file for part ATtiny84" twice but nothing else.

  3. Connected attiny to a different circuit I got from here: Using the Arduino Uno to Program ATTINY84-20PU : 10 Steps - Instructables

Nothing happens.
What next? Any ideas how to debug it? Set all pins high and measure with multimeter?

Used these images to find out that I should have used led=10 Very useful images.

Very useful images.

Posted in our forum, too.,146315.0.html


Now I'm trying to program ATTiny84A with Micro and I have same issue.
I have done the modifications described here: Arduino Micro as ISP and atTiny84A - #22 by system - Installation & Troubleshooting - Arduino Forum
Have connected pin 10 to targets reset. Programming succeeds but no blinking action - actually in my code I just set pins 7, 8, 9 and 10 high.

Image of my programming setup: Google Drive: Sign-in
White: GND
Red: 5V
Yellow: RESET
Blue: MOSI
Green: MISO
Orange: SCK

For testing I disconnect USB, disconnect all jumpers except 5V and GND and reconnect USB - LED does nothing.

My Arduino output while programming:

I know that this should work. What else to test?

This time had to use led=0 :roll_eyes:
Can anyone explain me why is that so??

This time had to use led=0 :roll_eyes:
Can anyone explain me why is that so??

If your pins are not mapping correctly, your reference diagram (pin out) and your core do not match… That is, you are selecting the wrong board type.