Project: Arduino + WiFi


I am looking to purchase an arduino board that is compatible with EPS8266 WiFi module or any other cheap arduino wifi units. What is the cheapest and smallest which will be compatible with a wifi module? My hope is I will be able to plug in two servos to the arduino board and control them from an iPhone/Android/Mac/Windows app. I am used to using a cc3d board for a quadcopter (this project isn't related) so I have a good understanding of electronics and soldering.

I know this might seem quite ambitious to complete for a beginner however I am good at following instructions so any help is great. It's seems quite simple really. I am also wanting to power the board via a solar panel so a low voltage board is ideal. Everything must also be small. I would reveal the abstract to this project but I fear someone will take my idea.

PM me if you want info- the idea is a mad one and super ambitious

All the best,