Prototyping board

Not sure if anyone is interested, but I can highly recommend building yourself a prototyping board.
Saves SO MUCH time.

I knocked this one up with stuff from around the workshop. Quick rundown:

2x 5V regulated supplies (5A each) + Digital voltmeter
1x 3.3v regulated supply (5A) + Digital voltmeter
1x 12v regulated supply (6A) + Digital voltmeter

Mega2560p (fixed)
Uno (Fixed)
Numerous Pro Mini's floating around
Teensy 3.2

Picaxe development board (08m2, 14m2, 18m2, 40x2 etc)
Raspberry pi Zero W
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

LCD display
MAX7219 display
10x Leds
6x Push buttons (Common 5v and with pull-down 10k)
6x 2 way toggle switches (commone 5v with pull-down 10k)
Stereo amp + speakers
2 channel LCD monitor
USB keyboard
2x 10K pots
1x Joystick with push button
1x Keypad
Led lighting across the top

Acres of breadboard space!

Thanks for sharing. It looks like you could have a lot of fun on that thing!

Wow that looks like mission control, Amazing...

problem I would have is that I would need 10 of those... I like to keep my proto's going so i can check back!

Looks impressive but impractical for two reasons.

  • Too far between modules for any single project.
  • As mentioned, only one project at a time (where parts are common to different projects).
    I do like the LED strip.

It's still really really cool and I want one... make that a lot of them!

Woah. Impressive. I have a very different development methodology - I solder everything (to solderable breadboards, like these, which I sell), using male 0.1" pins and F-to-F jumpers for temporary connections. I have a few "test-bed" boards wired up with certain microcontrollers. Once I'm no longer working on a project, I can then put the working prototype in a box for storage, or a more permanent box in an out-of-the-way location for long term operation. I like to keep the whole work area available as much as possible.

Yea.... you can never have enough breadboard.

I agree - any quantity of those unreliable things is too much as far as I'm concerned....

Ugh you guys are making me spend money again... I tried to get the ACE 218 but it's discontinued now. So Chinaexpress had 3 @ 830 pt breadboards and 3.3/5v power supplies for about $8 total... done and on a slow boat...

DrAzzy that would be kind of cool but then the breadboards are meant to be super temporay and really just to test things out... I would have to solder and re-solder in some cases... Sometimes I have to re-bias things and it gets messy. I do use something similar for the actual prototypes... I think of breadboarding as "sketching" and testing.

A lot of times I just throw out the bent components now, they're getting so cheap to get. I hate reading color codes although I like to use the mnemonic... :smiley:

Can’t say I have had any reliability issues… No project ever takes up the whole board, its usually half a dozen small prototypes.

If I am breadboarding something that needs buttons… build it near the buttons.
Something that needs an amp… build it near the amp.

The Pro Minis, modules etc get moved to where ever they are needed. They just get stored in the blank breadboards.

The Power supplies are broken out all along the board.

The small breadboards are for either a quick connect to an individual module, but usually for simple module storage.

Each to their own

Having said that I do have breadboards that take up permanent residence. sometimes they're just too entertaining to take apart.

Was there a picture? I'm not seeing any picture :frowning:

Interesting that you haven't had reliability problems with the breadboards. Don't worry, you will :wink: When you try to plug something with small pins into the holes that have previously accommodated pins from a pro mini, you will (those larger pins deform the contacts in the breadboard). The male jupont jumpers also just suck IMO.

What turned me off to breadboards was when I was at a friend's house and he was trying to show off something really simple, and spent 10 minutes poking at the breadboard to find the loose connection, while the observers stood there losing respect for him. This has happened every time anyone showed me a project they built on breadboard. I don't want to be that guy.

It sounds like there was an attachment or so to this post but now it's not there. Without image or other reference I have no idea what OP really tried to build.