Protoype Development Board Wanted.

See the picture below, its prototype development board that I bought maybe 7 years ago. For development and testing purposes it was great, there were pads and holes for a number of standard connectors and areas for a switch matrix, LEDs, batteries, power switches etc.

I want another similar board for testing Arduino designs but I cannot find a similar board, tried eBay, Alixpress and nothing similar found.

Anyone seen anthing similar recently ?

Have not seen anything similar.

An all in one solution is seldomly very useful.

Many here have more than one project going at one time so multiple prototyping units may be necessary.

Also, a prototyping platform which has a good wireless breadboard with breadboard helpers can be quite useful.

Suggest you design something that can be easily duplicated.

One inexpensive solution:


You could always design a PCB yourself which has all the bits you need - I’ve sone this for 1284 processors with a zig socket, few leds and switches, pots, rs232 interface etc.
Another option is the cheap prototyping shields you can get to fit on top of Arduino - you could wire up some leds, switches etc on one of those