question about 3V DC motor for projects

Hello, I have recently purchased a small 3V DC motor from radioshack and it has come without any leads. Has anyone had any experience of these and how it is wired up and do they work on breadboards?

The link is

It's hard to tell from that site, but my guess is it's just a normal DC brushed motor.

There will be two metal tabs on the back. Apply 1.5 to 3v across them in one direction and it will spin clockwise. Apply it the other way and it'll spin the other way.

Ideally you want an H-Bridge to control the motor so you can make it change directions.

Yeah, there are 2 small holes at the top of it. Do I have to solder wires to these then?

Little metal tabs like this? Yep, solder wires to them.

Yeah like that, Does one wire go to the 5V port and the other to ground?

Not for a 3V motor, no.

You need a 3v supply (the 3.3v pin of the arduino passed through a diode will give that).

And like I mentioned, an H-bridge (say the Arduino motor shield) would be the best thing to use.

If you want to just control the on/off of the motor and not the direction then a single NPN transistor, diode and resistor, just like driving a relay, is what you will need.