Question about using Audio Shields

Hi all,

Sorry, im not sure if i should post this in the Audio section, or the Sensors section...but im starting here...

My current project uses an Arduino Uno with multiple analog inputs and multiple digital outputs already assigned.

I now want to have audio play when certain functions happen. If i add an audio shield to my Uno, then plug my pins (that used to be plugged into the Uno) into the matching ports on the music shield, will I be able to keep the analog and digital I/O's, but add audio functionality as well? It seems like certain pins may be double

Is there a library or something that needs to be loaded to help differentiate?

Thanks, kirk

The audio shield is going to need a few dedicated I/O pins. You'll have to check the specs to see what pins are used. If you don't need all of the functions and/or if you are only playing one sound, etc., you may not need to use all of the pins. (You might have to cut off or remove the unneeded pins.)