Question when connecting Nixie Tube to Aduino via 74141 chip

I want to control the nixie tube with Arduino via 74141.
So I have :
High voltage boost converter with 3 inputs

  • VIN - connected to + on my DC12V power source
  • GND connected to - on my DC power source
  • SHDN connected to - on my DC power supply
  • HV - 180V connected to the Anode of the Nixie tube
  • GND - currently not connected (and here I need help)

Arduino powered by Power bank

Chip 74141 connected to

  • arduino via 4 digital pins (to send binary representation of the digit to be display by the nixie) and also GND and 5v of arduino
  • Nixie via 10 pins representing each possible digit (chip should send GND to the selected pin)

My question is where in this setup should be the GND Output from the boost convertor be connected. Should it be connected with GND of the arduino

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My question is where in this setup should be the GND Output from the boost converter be connected. Should it be connected with GND of the Arduino

All grounds must be connected - Arduino, boost converter and 74141. And probably other bits as well not mentioned.

You absolutely must use an anode resistor or you'll blow everything up. Start without the Arduino connected
in case anything goes wrong.

74141's are very rare these days, beware of fakes. The Russian pin-for-pin equivalent is far easier to obtain.

I already connected Nixie to the boost converter and I can succesfully lightup the tube connecting anode of the tube to High voltage out and individual tube pins to Boos converter GND out pin (one at a time).
And I thought this setup would stay with the only difference that I will connect tube digit pins to the ten oins of the chip.
Where in this setup would that resistor be and what value roughly.

Now that you have mentioned it I found the following diagram in which they is 20k Ohm resistor. Would this be sufficient

This diagram also answers my question , if it is correct.
Here GND from the 12V power source is connected to Arduino nad to boost converter. Then via arduino it is connected to the chip.

Is that all ok now?

Also now I have question about significance of SHDN on the boost convertor. I found the datasheet
But being electronic illiterate not sure what is the difference between the connection where I float SHDN and when I ground it.


The Nixie datasheet will tell you about appropriate resistor values. The anode resistor goes in series with the anode, oddly enough! It limits the current to a few milliamps and thus allows only glow-discharge (not arcing) and limits the voltage the 74141 gets to see to about 80V or so.

At higher currents arcing happens, which means the nixie's resistance falls close to zero and the 74141 will
be destroyed (and the nixie will degrade rapidly).