Razer Kishi working on PC

I have a Razer Kishi USB C controller. I want to use it on Windows 10 PC, throug bluetooth or microUSB.
i really appreciate if someone give me suggest for tis proyect.

Try connecting it directly to the computer as it is.
Use a USB C gender changer and a regular USB A to C cable.

Thanks, but it doesn't work like that.
The razer kishi needs a android smartphone to work. Wat I want it's make an Arduino controller to work as a interface to link the razer to the PC.

Have you checked?
USB is often just USB, that's why the standard exists.
And joystick is a generic HID category with a lot of easy to adhere to standards.

I'm just saying that you should check before investing time and money as it has a very good chance of working.

Thanks, but of course I have reviewed. It need something to act as a controller.

Google, first hit:


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Thank you
Of course it was checked out

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