Reading Wiring schematic

do i see this wrong or does 'interlock in' on front controller connect to 'interlock out' on rear controller?

Oh goody a quiz ................

Maybe point out to people where the alleged connections are so that everyone does not have to search through a very low resolution picture.

You may know where the connections are ....................

nothin i can do about the picture, thats as high of resolution as they give you. Unless you just cant read it all the identifiers are there. I'm sure they are connected together idk what kind of answer i was looking for.

OK so how is this related to Arduinos and what are you trying to do ?

Are you preapred to tell us what device this is supposed to be a schematic of ?

Who cares what it is. go troll someone else.

Bad boy buggy.

Yes, and the 'interlock in' on rear controller connects to 'interlock out' on front controller.


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Is that a forklift or something similar?

About your question, the interlock pins are crossed between the two controllers.

Think its a golf buggy, but its a secret apparently.

I used to be employed as an electronics engineer by a company that made the controllers for electric golf buggies.

Hm, didn't think about a buggy.
Maybe because i see those only in movies, and the couple forklifts at work i see daily, lol.

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