Relay LED on, but coil not activating

HI Guys

i need to control the LED socket connected to relay

const int LED = D3;
const int delayTime = 1000;

void setup() 
   pinMode(LED, OUTPUT);   

void loop() 

  digitalWrite(LED, LOW);   
  digitalWrite(LED, HIGH);  

applying this code will result in the D3 being stuck on high. as the power is always connected, while if I unplug jumper connected to D3 it will turn off led,

so I have connected that like this link:

also, I tried to add an LED bulb to confirm the code is working and led working as expected blinking,

what I noticed that the control LED is keep going between on and barely on but not turned off to trigger the relay.

so as per my understanding high and low should disconnect/connect the blue cable to trigger the relay.while it seems it’s still connected in both cases .

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