Request for help in getting started


I am tring to develop a simple project to measure short-range distances wirelessly. I have a Sharp IR distance meter and an Arduino Diecimila.
Im writing to request help in getting started. I am a true electronics & programming amateur but am motivated to learn. I’ve downloaded the programming interface and gone through some tutorials.
I’m currently stuck on how to connect the sensor with the board so I can practice programming. Where can I purchase a cable to connect the sensor with the board? Picture of the point of connection on the sensor is here:
Thanks for your consideration!

I have used the sharp GP2D-12 sensor in other projects and it was pretty simple. Pin 1 on the sensor goes to an analog in pin on the Arduino. Pin 2 on the sensor goes to ground on the Arduino. Pin 3 on the sensor goes to +5 v on the Arduino. Here is the data sheet

you can order the connector here

Thank you very much for replying! Now I understand better and can actually do something :)

I found pre-made cables here:

The connector on my Sharp sensor has 5 pins. Can you please advise on how to connect this to the arduino? Thank you.

What type of sensor do you have. Sharp makes many diffrent ir sensors. The information I gave you was for the GP2D-12 .

Hello - the sharp sensor I am working with is model GP2Y0A700K0F. Thank you!

here is the data sheet for your sensor. on page 5 it shows that you will use pin 1 to ground, pin 2 to voltage, and pin 4 to analog pin. Have fun and let us know how the project turns out.

Hi gang.

I just started using the same sensor some days ago. I can hook it up fine by using a Capacitor between + and -. I have a computer Power supply outputting 5V and a 10 Ohm 10W resistor to keep the 5V stable. I get stable reading from the sensor, but the readings are not making much sens.

I also have the Sharp GP2D120 and I found calculations I could use for that one on Acroname.

So what I get is.

Distance = (2914 / (V + 5)) - 1

However I am having hard time figuring out how to fill in the equation for the 700 Sensor.

The equation looks like this

Distance = (m' / (V + b')) - k

Look at the info here.

Would be really great full if there is anyone out there that could give me a hand.

Just a little update. I have been trying and trying to make some calculations for the sensor.

and I can get really accurate readings from the GP2Y0A700K0F by using this equation.

distance = (60000 / (val2 + 3)) - 5;

val2 is the reading straight out of the sensor.

Readings are accurate within +-1 cm from 1 meter to about 2.5meters. (very good readings)

However after 2.5meters the calculations really start to go a bit off.

I don't have any solution for that at the moment.

Thanks for the help everyone! I am still confused on how to connect my Arduino to the Sharp sensor. Since I dont have a 5-pin connector that fits the housing on the sensor, should I just attach the individual wires to the individual pins and then solder the other ends to the Arduino? Or, do I need to look around for a 5pin connector that will fit with the housing on the sensor?