Reverse brushless motor direction


I want to reverse the direction of my brushless motor programmatically with an Arduino, so I can change direction at any moment without swapping motor wires. How would I do this? I'm using this esc and motor:

I changed my motor direction for my quadcopter in cleanflight so I know it can be done. I basically want to recreate the function in the image below. How would I do this?

Thanks in advance.

do you have code? (post using </>)

Quadcopter ESCs can be configured to respond to the control signal in so called 3D mode.

So 1000 would be full speed reverse, 1500 would be stopped and 2000 would be full speed forward.

Or CW and CCW. Numbers as a for example, these are calibrated to your control signals.

It involves software at several points from your fingers to the propellor.

Every software component can be found in open source projects.

If you have any business pursuing this, you should be able to read the various software components and figure it out.

See Betaflight, BLHeli and OpenTX for example.

So what are you trying to do and why? It may be that simply purchasing a modern ESC and configuring it for 3D will do.

What experience programming for servos or brushless motors have you at this point? It's not rocket science, so.

HTH and good luck.


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I can't see any evidence that your ESC is reversible or how you can program it. If Cleanflight can reverse the motors on your quadcopter using those same ESCs then I guess you need to find out more about what Cleanflight is doing.


Indeed. Frustrating in that there is no specific mention of the ESC firmware, or whether it can be updated by mere mortals using readily available tools.

But a 30A 14.8V ESCs are available that can. Again, if you want to short circuit to get to your goal, use one like this:

The reversing ability must be programmed into the ESC firmware, then configured for that mode of operation.


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TBC you did not.

What you did was to inform Cleanflight as to the direction the motors will spin.

Which may or may not be the truth. That adjustment in Cleanflight is not for correcting a wiring mistake; it is used for ppl who want to switch to between “props in” and “props out”.

To reverse the CCW or CW response, the ESC must be configured differently, or the wiring changed.

HTH and now I truly wish you good luck.


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Thank you very much for the replies on my post. I know it ain't the right hardware but I'm trying to make an RC ground vehicle and I'm trying to learn about this stuff.

I used the servo library ones. I made it so I can use a ps3 controller to control the motor via a Unity application that send a wifi signal to my Arduino.

It has been a long time when I last used Cleanflight. I see know that Cleanflight can't simply change the direction of the motors with a simple button (as far as I am aware). I will correct my post accordingly.

So if I understand correctly my best option is to get an esc that supports 3D mode?
Would I be technically able to program my current esc to go in the other direction or is it build so it can only go in one direction?

Thanks again,


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You can learn a bit more about motors and ESCs, but if you only problem is that the motor turns the wrong way, simply swap exactly two of the three wires going to the motor.

TBC change ESC to motor

A - A
B - B
C - C


A - A
B - C
C - B

If you want the motor to be reversible in use, you need to configure it to do, it is not clear that the one in your link is the kind that can be changed by us after we buy it. The one I linked can be programmed and/or configured to go both ways as I outlined above.

You may want to slow your roll a bit there and do some googling on this matter. It’s been done and done and done.


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