Reverse ESC

I'm looking for a way to control a brushless motor clockwise and conterclockwise.

I did some searching on internet and I found that I must to get hold of an ESC with reverse.

Well my questions are: I need any kind of ESC with reverse?; I need motors with hall sensor? Could you please be so kind to hand me some links of esc for this purpose?


Caps and emoticons.

Jesus is the only one that can help you now.

Have you even tried to look up how an ESC works? Have you searched for a "bidirectional ESC"?

There are bidirectional ESCs with stick center as stop. You'll have to do a search to find one as I don't have a reference at the moment. They should work with the typical brushless motor but you will have to be sure the current rating is high enough for the motor max value plus some margin.

When I read the title of this, I envisaged some sort of device that would take the output of an ESC and convert it to a servo signal! :astonished:

Apparently not.

Many or most ESCs provide forward and reverse, possibly as selectable options.

Sensorless motors cannot reverse under full load, note, since at low speeds and stationary there is no feedback and the driver acts in an open-loop fashion.

Car/boat ESCs appear to have forward/reverse capabilities.