RGB LED Shield

I posted a while ago about an RGB LED shield I was working on. Since then I've had a PCB made for it and put it together:

It works beautfully and is the most fun LED chaser I've ever played with.

As I mentioned, I have interrupt-driven code to scan the colours in an 8x3 matrix so from a usability point of view, driving the software is as simple as setting 3 bytes. I took it a bit futher and built an auto-incrementing look-up table so I simply have to set up the sequence in an array and just keep calling a function to go to the next row when I want to cycle through.

Just for contrast, the POV-Ray generated preview was:

And a video of a simple back-and-forth chaser in operation:

I wish I could make the colours look more vibrant on the video. They look much better in person.

Nice work, Oracle! Is that the shield you mentioned getting from Seeedstudio?

I used to play with POVRay many years ago. I had no idea you could now render electronics with it. Cool! Thanks for sharing.


Can you post a schematic for it?

I would be interested in one of these also.