Robotic arm (crust crawler sg6) + arduino +ps3 controller

Hello, I am fairly new to the arduino

So lately I've been working on a project where I am trying to control a robotics arm with a PS3 controller with an arduino.

I am kind of good on the programming part, but it is the powering the arduino part that I am struggling on.

The robotics arm has 6 servos: 3 ultra torque HS-645mg servos, 2 HS-475hb deluxe servo, and 1 mega HS-805bb servo. I have the the usb host shield, a working bluetooth dongle (I have 3 that works), and the sensor shield v5 (to hook up all the servos easily).

Can someone explain to and tell me what and how I should power it with.

Any suggestion would be extremely helpful. (This arm is, at the end, going to be put on a car that will have 4 vex motors)

Here are pictures

You must have a separate power supply for the servos with the servo GND connected to the Arduino GND.

Allow at least 1 amp per servo - perhaps more if you are using powerful servos. Check the servo documentation for the stall current.


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And so do you have any recommendation of an AC or DC power supply I should use?

Do you think I should get these:

with this