Rotary encoder help

I’m having issues with an EC11 rotary encoder. I have it connected per the schematic but running the example encoder test doesn’t do anything. Any ideas? Using an arduino nano, l298n driver and rotary encoder.

Hm, I don't see any problems in the connections, and I don't see any errors in your sketch. Actually, I don't see anything at all. [Hint!]

What value are the pullup resistors on the A and B pin inputs?

Why not post a real schematic showing all connections, power, ground, interconnections, not a frizzy thing. Gosh Erik_Baas has much "better vision" I do not even see the schematic you posted, it must be my computer!

Ah sorry everybody. I did this on my phone and it did not properly upload the images, so I thought the mod auto-deleted this. I eventually got it to work (the code was wrong). My apologies