Rotating Platform For David


I want to make rotating platform for 3d scanner david. I don't want to buy. What is your suggest for this project's motor? Servo or Step? and Can I control this motor with david COM properties?

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It might help if you describe what a "david" is....

#LOL :slight_smile:

David :

David rotating platform :

My first guess was same as AWOL's but then I wondered how that could possibly be germane.

OP, did you really expect anyone other than one involved in your industry to have the faintest idea that a "david" was one of those things you linked to?

For everybodys benefit.


Tom.... :slight_smile:

Now that we know what a DAVID is you need to provide the specifications for the rotation system you need?

For example , how many RPM?
Does it need to stop at specific positions?