RTIMULib-Arduino and MPU-9250

I use RTIMULib-Arduino (https://github.com/richards-tech/RTIMULib-Arduino).

RTIMULib-Arduino works well for MPU-9150
But I have a problem when using the MPU-9250.

If I run main sketch (ArduinoIMU.ino), I have the following result:

If I run the calibration (ArduinoMagCal.ino), I have the following result:

But calibration does not start.

This shows how I connected MPU-9250 to Arduino Nano:

Can someone help solve this problem?

P.S. Sorry for my bad English.



But calibration does not start.

How do you know?

jremington: How do you know?

If waggle the sensor, should appear message when the axis reaches new minima and maxima.

In my case nothing happens.


Have you made sure that you can "talk" to the IMU at all, (possibly using some other program) before trying the calibration routine?

Does the I2Cscanner program find it at the correct address?

-Yes, I can get the raw data (acc, gyro and mag).

-I2C Scanner gives the following answer: "I2C device found at address 0x68"

Hmm… Contact the guy who wrote RTIMULib.


I know this is an old topic, but nevertheless. You need to specify which sensor you are using in the RTIMUSettings.h file. A segment of the code will follow (from Arduino RTIMULib GitHhub):

 //  These are the local variables

    int m_imuType;                                          // type code of imu in use
    unsigned char m_I2CSlaveAddress;                        // I2C slave address of the imu
    int m_pressureType;                                     // type code of pressure sensor in use
    unsigned char m_I2CPressureAddress;                     // I2C slave address of the pressure sensor

    //  IMU-specific vars

I believe this should solve the problem.

Cheers P.