running arduino.exe on a network client ; cannot write in "..../appdata/"

hi to everybody,
i installed in a local hard disk directory all the arduino files ;
when a pupil uses the pc (XP pro or 7 pro), he logs himself with his name in a domain ;
then if he wants to run arduino.exe from the local hard disk, nothing happens !
i made several tests : - changing lib/preferences.txt, copying arduino directory during the pupil session, ... with no success.
In fact, with help of arduino_debug.exe, it happens that the soft wants to write 4 files in "/users/name_of_pupil/appdata/" and it fails to write them ; however, the pupil has the NTFS rights to write in his own session inside "/users/name_of_pupil/appdata/" ...
Hope somebody here has a solution to this problem ; i'd like that any pupil of the school would be able to run arduino.exe during his own session.
C. Perraudin
Lille - France

You could try running the Arduino IDE in portable mode. You do this by creating a folder named portable in the Arduino IDE installation folder and restarting the IDE if it's running, This will cause those files to be located in the portable folder instead of AppData/local/Arduino15.

You are likely to eventually run into problems with XP and ld.exe using any recent version of the Arduino IDE. There is a workaround for this of replacing ld.exe with the file from Arduino IDE 1.0.6. It's probably better to do this right from the start if students will be using Arduino on XP because it's an error that occurs seemingly randomly and will cause the student who encounters it a lot of confusion. Here's the issue report for it:

though there are better explanations of the fix you can find by searching for that error message here on the forum.

Can you post the output from Arduino_debug?

Users absolutely should have permissions to write to their appdata folder - it is required for proper operation of many applications and is where Microsoft wants windows applications to store app-specific data now...

thanks Pert for your answer ; i'll try this back to school in some 10 days.

at DrAzzy : thanks for your answer, you did understand my problem and you just told me there is no way to solve it ! if this is true, it's a real pity that Arduino could not work on a networt client in a school ...

My post did not achieve communication.

What I was trying to say is - the users must (as a matter of fact, not an imperative) have access to appdata. Otherwise it isn't just Arduino that won't work - Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, and countless other applications utilize the AppData folder to store necessary files.

So, since the computer is otherwise usable, the user must have permission to access AppData, at least under some situations. So - is arduino giving errors that look like a permission error but aren't? Is there other security software blocking it but not other applications? Maybe Arduino needs to be whitelisted by your IT department.

Thanks again to Pert,
i installed easily Arduino in portable mode on all network clients ;
it works good for everybody (every pupil) logged in the school domain.

Then DrAzzy is right since other applications (Firefox, Chrome, ...) also use appdata folder ...
So, what's the difference between other applications and Arduino ?
Maybe Arduino is using "My documents" folder and, on my network, My Documents folder is moved towards a personnal folder created on the server for each pupil ...

Anyway, thanks to all,
C. Perraudin