Sainsmart Self Balancing Robot 'Upright Rover Pro' Kit

Can anyone help me find a wiring diagram for the wireless controller for the above kit? It's the version of controller that included an LCD along with the two joysticks. The kit itself is around 4 years old.

I've successfully built the robot but can find hardly any information on the wireless controller interconnections. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you


spycatcher2k - do you really think I haven't already tried that...


spycatcher2k - thanks for taking the time to send me the link to a possible manual. This is something I was aware of but unfortunately it doesn't provide the information I'm looking for.

You're right of course that this isn't the Sainsmart support forum but the self-balancing robot kit I have is based on the Arduino Uno and so I was hoping one of the arduino forum followers might recognise it.

I have tried Sainsmart support but they're sending me around in circles, so I thought I would try a different avenue...

For anyone who may be interested, this is the kit:

Despite what Sainsmart say it doesn't come with full instructions and the instructional video link they do provide describes the non-lcd version of the controller, not the lcd version that I have. The specific interconnection information I need for the controller is that between the lcd module and the mpu6050 board.

Thanks again, and thanks also to anyone else taking the time to read this.

regards ned

NedKelly: I have tried Sainsmart support but they're sending me around in circles,

Perhaps one wheel is jammed. :grinning: