Screws on back of stepper come off

I'm not sure if this is the right way to fix a stepper onto a bracket but it seems the screws aren't long enough to reach the threads inside my stepper.

So i guess I need longer screws?

Post a link to the servo;

So i guess I need longer screws?

It hardly needed a Forum post to figure that out :slight_smile:


You would normally mount the bracket to the threaded holes on the front face of the stepper motor. You can buy brackets specifically made for that purpose.

The front face of the motor is machined accurately, and is the preferred mounting point for a motor
as that is where the main thrust and lateral loads are taken (in the front bearing of the motor).

It you replace the long bolts be sure to tighten nice and firmly to hold the lamination stack secure
under compression. Best to tighten in a round-and-round sequence to even the pressure as a lamination
stack is somewhat compressible, not that its likely to matter in a small stepper motor.

Ok thanks for your help. I decided the right thing to do is get the brackets for it. Its a NEMA17 and I decided on the bracket because of the fact that I was already intuitively doubting the loads issue. I didnt initially want to go that way for the same reason I usually ask for alternatives for the best way of doing things, which is that I live in a place where getting many of these components takes more than a month at best. But I decided to wait this one out and went ahead and got 3 brackets with the mounting screws.

Thanks guys