Security system with arduino uno, pir sensor, rfid, lcd, buzzer and leds


How I says in the title I want a make a security system but I dont know how because I’m new. I want to make a motion sensor pir and to alarm me when someone pass and stop alarm with the rfid card, and with lcd.

Please someone can help me with the scheme and with the code.

Thanks for understanding !!!!

Start simply.
Look for examples of what you want the different parts to do in the IDE.
The LCD and RFID libraries will show you how to display messages and read tags.
The PIR will probably just look like a switch.

Don't try to get it all working in one go.

What did you say about this desing??

Can you help me with the code?

Did you read what I wrote in reply #2?


Can you help me with the code??

Yes, I can help you with your code

OK thank you so much. I’m waiting for delivery and I contact you next days. :grinning:

You can give your social account to speak or we will speak hire?

@anon73444976 now you can build me the code pls. I wil bilding the circuit tommowrow and I will test your code. Please help me with the code, I need them!!!

I haven't written any code.
I'm helping you with your code

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