serial COM not visible on Arduino Yun

I have a new arduino yun which I have configured to use the wifi. Before setting up the wifi I was able to upload sketches using the USB cable(COM3). But after setting up the wifi(localhost) I'm not able to use the USB to program the board. When I look under tools->ports, all I see is the yun's IP address. I'm trying to run one of the examples(wifistatus) but I need the to print to the serial monitor. The program fails by indicating that it cannot connect to the board. Some help would be appreciated.

I would say it's a faulty usb cable issue. Is the yun connected to your pc? Can you try another usb cable?

I have tried a different USB cable and still the same, I see the yun only for wifi connection. Any way to reset this without resetting the wifi and everything?

I think it would be better to mail