Setup 3.5" ILI9486 with Arduino Mega2560

Dear community,

I’m having trouble finding a clear setup guide for my 3.5" TFT Arduino Module with my Arduino Mega 2560.
I included some pictures of my shield so if you want to know something it should be there.
I am in a group project, and we must make a Electrical plant. We do that by having multiple sensors and hooking them up to get actual data of the environment. We must then show a couple of bars, graphs and pictures of the electrical plant in its current state. But I cant find a good setup guide for this driver.
As you can see in the pictures it is still in the original packaging so if it turns out it’s not smart of me to use it I can return it.
So now my question, is there a clear setup guide for my module/shield or should I buy a different one with more references.
Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,
R. De Graaff.

Hey guys so apparently I can’t post all four pictures at once so I’ll just say what is displayed:

On the packaging it says:
3.5" Arduino Module
Driver: ILI9486
BUS: 16bit
Touch: no
Dots: 480x320
HVGA 480x320
3.5" TFTLCD Shield for Arduino Mega2560

And to my knowledge I got a real Arduino Mega2560 (not sure if its Rev3).

Need more information, take a pic of the back of the shield, preferably out of the bag? If you don't want to do that a link to where you bought it from might supply enough information that somebody might be able to help you. Looks like it actually might be a real mega shield and not an uno shield(most of them are)

I bought one like yours. The seller did not provide any setup guide.

Just insert the display on top of the Mega 2560, make sure all pins on the display line up on holes of the Mega then press it down gently. It uses the power of the Mega.

It works with the UTFT or HX8357 driver.

The disadvantage of this size of display is it covers all pins on the Mega therefore you can not connect any other device. To solve this problem, you need angle connectors insert into the Mega before you plug in the display.

Hope this help.