Shield tft 3.5 ili9486 ma1353 36 pines para arduino mega

Hola amigos, hace poco tiempo adquiri este shield tft de 3.5 "con driver ili9486, me costo algo de trabajo lograr que funcionara debido a que las librerias no coincidian con el protocolo de este shield, luego de navegar por la web durante una semana me tope con la libreria LCD WIKI_KBV, la cual funciono de maravilla, aqui es donde viene mi duda: Como puedo hacer para que este shield con esta libreria me permite mostrar datos de sensores como el dht11 o el bmp180 ?, soy novato en programacion y me gusta mucho arduino, pero es realmente frustrante no encontrar solucion efectiva ante una dificultad que tal vez para alguien con mas experiencia le sea mucho mas facil de resolver,si alguien pudiera por favor orientarme o tal vez darme un punto de vista diferente para poder solucionar mi encrucijada con este shield y no sentir que desperdicie mi dinero con este shield estare muy agradecido y motivado a seguir aprendiendo mas de arduino ...

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Hello friends, a short time ago I acquired this 3.5 "tft shield with ili9486 driver, it cost me some work to get it to work because the libraries did not match the protocol of this shield, after browsing the web for a week I ran out With the LCD WIKI_KBV library, which worked wonderfully, here is where my question comes: How can I make this shield with this library allow me to show data from sensors such as the dht11 or the bmp180?, I am a newbie in programming and I like it a lot of arduino, but it is really frustrating not to find an effective solution to a difficulty that maybe for someone with more experience it will be much easier to solve, if someone could please guide me or maybe give me a different point of view to solve my crossroads With this shield and not feel like I was wasting my money with this shield I will be very grateful and motivated to continue learning more about Arduino ...

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Your shield should work 100% with several libraries e.g. UTFT, TFT_HX8357, ...
There is a lot of example code for UTFT.
There is even more example code for GFX style libraries like TFT_HX8357

Those libraries will be more convenient to use than LCDWIKI
Any library will be better than LCDWIKI.

I suggest that you install Bodmer's TFT_HX8357. Configure User_Setup.h file for ILI9486. Run every example.
If you have any questions, ask them (in English) on this Displays forum.


Thanks for your reply and my apologies for language issues....I will follow your advice and I'll try with the library that you recomended me.... and... really thanks for it....