Shopping for Project Enclosures

I'm looking at the enclosures over at adafruit:

But for my project, I have a Arduino Uno and a Parallax LCD with backpack, and I think that I won't have enough clearance to actually close that box with everything inside of it. That box looks like it'll be just short of perfect for what I want, only too thin.

Are there other places for buying enclosures? Or is there another place for buying suitable boxes that I'll have to Dremel out for my wants?

Thanks in advance for helping a new enthusiast out.

Mouser (, DigiKey (, Jameco (www.jameco), they all sell enclosures.

I would also suggest the following:

these are all manufacturers that sell direct to the public and you will find a much broader range to choose from. It might even inspire other projects when you see what is available.

Be careful for what you wish for! That's a lot of enclosures!

Thanks, I book marked each of them.

Oh, one more item. Since y'all are more experienced at shopping for these things- is there a typical type with a cut out for a LED display and/or buttons, or is it usually expected that we'll be cutting our own?

In most cases they expect you to cut your own. However, OKW and Boxenclosures both offer several solutions with pre-cut holes for standard 16x2 displays. They almost always have standoffs and most come with battery options. Polycase has some keyfob options with soft buttons in several orientations buy they are really small so limited. One drawback is that they are not designed with the arduino in mind so the standoffs are not going to match up.

Like you said, tons to choose from. If you want to use anything other than a standard LCD, like a GLCD you are going to be cutting your own hole no matter what you buy.