Simon Game on Hummingbird Bit + MicroBit

Hey guys,
Noob coder here. For a class, I have to create a game using the Hummingbird bit and the micro bit. On the micro bit, there is bitbuttion a and bitbuttion b. There is also a 5x5 led light screen. My idea is to create the Simon says game with only two buttons. it would flash the left side of the 5x5 screen for bit button a and bit button b on the right. I have been trying tons of stuff and I can’t get it to work. I have been using Simon Game as an example, but this doesn’t include bit button a or b or the LED screen. I’m not sure how to control them from the Arduino IDE. I would love any code or help I could get!



Here’s one I did some time ago: It is more complex than you are trying.

You should post your code if you want help with your current code because:

  1. we are not mind readers and
  2. it shows you have attempted something.

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