simple otto robot


i want to make a simple otto robot with arduino uno board without ultrasonic sensor. i cant write a simple program for this robot walking. please guide me.


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Can you please tell us your electronics, programming, Arduino, hardware experience?

What is an "otto" robot?

Thanks.. Tom... :slight_smile:

i cant write a simple program for this robot walking.

And, with no requirements, and no clue what the robot looks like or what motivates it, you think we can? Dream on.

At least not in a month unless you learn quick and mostly on your own through tutorials, blogs and much practice.

Compare it to building muscle before attempting strenuous labor. You must be fit and agile, you get that only by doing.

At the top of your forum screen is a green bar with words. One word is RESOURCES. Mouse that and a menu pops down. Click TUTORIALS and start with Foundations to learn about the chip and about how Arduino programs are done and lots more. It's all prepared and waiting. The Tutorial Examples loaded in your IDE (click to open) are covered in a link from the TUTORIALS page that show the wiring, etc. It's all there and if you do get stuck then at least you will have specific questions about something small.

For all I know, you're more than ready for this. You made your way here haven't you?

I am a mechatronic engineer . and I made the body of the robot with the 3d printer and I assemble 4 servo motors, 2 for feet and 2 for legs. I have a problem with programming this robot. I attach the pictures of this robot.

I'd start by looking at the Servo library on the reference page, but I'm weird like that.

the body of the robot is ready but I need a simple code for walking this robot.

See reply 5

OPs pics.
I am sure I have seen that robot chassis before, possibly on YouTube.

even some software;

Tom… :slight_smile:

Wait. The otto bot? The simple robot used for teaching simple programming?
There are a ZILLION posts out there with coding examples.

Have you done any searching for tutorials, examples, instructibles etc. on the subject?

The simple robot used for teaching simple programming?

Maybe OP's trying to get it to do the macerana. That's not so simple.

Not the Macerana but pretty cool dancing.

Did I mention a ZILLION examples?