Simple Project Finally Done (Or Is It)

So I am completely new to all of this. I found Arduino about 4 weeks back, while doing some research for a physics class. I bought an UNO and at first was only able to get the blink sketch working, and tweaking that to do silly things like random pulse intervals. Then I saw a video using and LDR and using it to make a "light meter" that basically filled a set of LEDs up. The video had no info attached to it, but I saw a project waiting to happen.

2 Days later I have a 10 LED (4 colors 3Red->3Yellow->3Green->1Blue) to gauge light (red being low, blue being full). Finished the code and trouble shooting. I have an on and off switch on the board, and just got done soldering together a 9v battery adapter so I can take the board on the go. My question is this:

I have very little available to me, and everytime I go to the hardware store I see so many things but no idea where to go next. I have a hand full of resistors, a medium breadboard, a mini breadboard with side rails, jumpers galore, and an LDR. What should I either look into buying that would be a step up for a newbie like me, or what should build next with the parts available to me. Thanks again!

The answer is obvious. Buy my book ;)

Sorry - couldn't resist.

Do a seismic detector. They are fun. See the discussions in Sensors on accelerometers.

Then move on to creating your own earthquakes – though that is a little tougher and requires Evil Scientist standing. Unfortunately we are not currently accepting new applications… But, if you can show a sufficiently villainous plan we could modify the policy.

BTW Evil Scientists should never admit they got the plan from a book.

Couldn’t resist that…

PS: People who build Weather Stations are banned from the club – even if it is fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

do something with servos. Servos are cool and very easy to use.

or laser diodes.

or BOTH!