Slot machine wheel project


I made a post last year with some help configuring a small project, but due to life taking over never got around to finishing it.

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Here's what I have:
Price is right IGT slot machine wheel connected to....
K179 Stepper driver (which controls speed and direction of wheel)
Light control board (controls chasing light speed)
VLT130 AC/DC power supply
TDK-Lambda DSP30-12 power supply

Video here

As you can see by the video, the wheel spins albeit slowly. When I manually increase the stepping speed on the K179, the spinning stops and just freezes. My goal is to have this spin fast and then slow down and stop on a random number which I believe I will need some sort of a trigger for.

Spin faster without freezing
Have the unit connected to a button when pressed would slow down and stop randomly

Is there any arduino hardware I can use to replace the existing hardware that would accomplish this? I'm not sure the current hardware will accomplish what I'm looking to achieve.

Any help is appreciated