SN800 tank robot platform

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I wrote on another robot platform. I did buy the SN800 after having bought two of the caterpillar platforms:

The SN800 is lighter than the caterpillar platform (166g on delivery, 255g with two lipos; the caterpillar platforms are roughly 600g mounted).

I did try with 4xAA batteries, but that seems to be more a joke. Although 6.6V in total with motors off, voltage shrinks to only 3.5V with motors on. Therefore I removed some of the plastic from the battery box and then placed two 25C 600mAh 3.7V lipos there:

For a first test I just connected the motor cables directly with power for driving forward only (if power switch is turned on):

SN800 motor is a "130" DC motor, no more information. The motors of caterpillar platform are "260" DC motors. I asked seller via aliexpress contact, but they said no information is available on the 260 motor.

Sometimes the SN800 runs straight, sometimes in curve, with both motors powered with 8.05V (7.5V with motors on).
This can be seen nicely in this Android phone camera video:

The speed seen (below grand piano, before 1st crash) is 1.1m/s [sqrt(3.5^2+1.75^2)*0.315/(9/8)].

First impressions:

  • because slower and smaller than caterpillar platform, mainly for indoor use
  • the 4$ for the cap were well spent (component mounting space)
  • if damped wheels are not necessary, I would prefer caterpillar platform