Soldering pen (revisited)

hi all, putting together a "wish list" for my wife and am looking at new soldering pens ( i am currently using a cheapo radio shack crapola type)... this one appeals to me:

in an earlier post, i was convinced that weller was a reliable way to go... anyone have this tool? if so, what do you think?... for electronics work with dense boards, what type of tips should i get with a pen?...


awesome, thanks yo!..


3 things:

1 - I have owned two of those Weller WLC100 irons, for years now, and they can't be beat as far as I'm concerned. My students can't even kill them, and that is the true test of a good soldering iron.

2 - LadyAda has the Kester Tip Tinner in the "best" kit - I won't solder without that stuff now. I keep one of those tins of tip tinner stuck to every soldering station I use.

3 - ditch the cleaning sponge that comes with the iron and buy the brass wool tip cleaner - Jameco carries the Hakko brand. I just buy the refill - not the base unit - and put it where the sponge goes.

Happy soldering!

oh yea - as far as tips go, just look at the shapes available and choose what will suit your projects.

thanks, all... i am suspecting a weller sized box underneath the tree!.. :slight_smile:

now for that rotary tool..