[SOLVED] Need help with Arduino Mega 2560 and OSD MAX7456 Code,Paid Work.


I need to add one sensor,it`s a 50A currentSensor, into this code (Bottomside_code)
: se attachment.

I have tried many times now,and i give up,do not understand,how i can do it.
it`s not me,that have write the Bottomside_code.

Problem is that,Bottomside_code use OSD,HUD and not OSD,print.

I think something need to be add,into the libraries OSD MAX7456.

You can find the Sample code to 50A currentSensor her:

I have take a movie of the OSD HUD in action (the text is in Norwegian),ther is some flickering on the letters. =(

Need also solve the problem with flickering,very annoying.

I will pay through PAYPAL,You can reach me by PM

regards ROAR


I have now remove the OSD HUD from the Buttomside code and use the OSD print instead of osd HUD,i have also add the 50A currentSensor,everything is working,but it`s too much flicker on the screen.
About the rolling flicker or flashing,its something with the OSD.clear(); in the code?

New movie of the Buttomside code and OSD print in action:

I need help to solve the flicker,rolling flicker or flashing on the screen,as I said,I will pay

The flickering can be solved. I assume you have not solved the issue. If you have not please tell me and I will PM you.