Solving problems with uploading programs to your Arduino

After fiddling around with bootloaders and programmers for a few days, I realize there are a few things you have to get right for the whole thing to work seamlessly.

If you do, life is a dream, it all works perfectly and you have a lot of fun.

If not, it can be frustrating.

With a view to helping people who may not realize all the interaction between fuses, clock speeds, baud rates, and so on, I’ve made a guide to the way the uploading/bootloading process works:

Good one Nick... :) Always wanted to know what fuses were and what it does :)

Your site must be fast becoming the goto place for Arduino and related information.

In future I'm just going to answer questions with this



Thanks Rob! I've changed my sig now to:

That is a redirect to the electronics part of the forum, bypassing all the MUD-game related stuff.