Starter kit breadboard orientation (Dumb mistake or no problem at all?)

Dear community

I just opened up my arduino starter kit today, a very exciting moment because I've been looking forward to tinkering with this stuff for a long time. I installed the software and arranged the arduino and the breadboard on the plastic stand that was included in the kit, ready to start the tutorial project from the manual. But then I discovered that I sticked the breadboard upside-down on the casing. The glue was instantly stuck to the case so I could not move it anymore. I was so upset.

My question now is: Can I do the projects exactly like they show in the manual (but then for instance link the red cable (5V) to the '-' line on the breadboard), or do I have to mirror it all the time? The thing is, the manual shows that the '+' line on the breadboard is closest to the arduinoboard, while in my case the '-' line on the breadboard is closest (see picture for comparison).

I know my explaination might be very unclear, but I'm realy not certain what to do right now.

Many greetings
Bram Vanheule, your newest member

The only difference between the + and - power rails on the breadboard is the printing on the plastic, so purely cosmetic. Electrically, there is no difference at all.

For me using the rails differently from how they are marked would be even more confusing than simply adjusting the connections shown in the project book, but you are free to use the breadboard in whatever manner you prefer.

Thanks for the feedback!