Stepper motor 24byj48 vs 28byj48

What is the difference between these 2?
from image and specs detail they almost looks the same.

The difference is the mounting size, NEMA 28 is bigger.

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Show us what you are looking at, there are 5V and 12v versions.

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got it.

It is 5v motor.
Was trying to find the right model to replace a broken motor from a rotating stand.
Does it matter if i replaced it with any model of said 24byj48?

Appears, besides mounting differences, 1 has 2048 steps per rev, the other 1024.

Its output shaft gear is damaged.

What IMO must match:

  • voltage: 5V
  • mounting: NEMA... and height
  • connector
  • steps/rev

Height is an indicator for the power and torque.


24BYJ48 is 24mm diameter, 28BYJ48 is 28mm diameter, nominally. Absolutely nothing to do with NEMA sizes BTW as this is not a NEMA mounting plate motor.

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