Stepper motor connectors (Solved)

I haven't been here in a while, I've been busy with house things.
Over the last few years I have managed to acquire many Stepper Motors. I have collected just about every size and shape there is and most were picked up from salvaged printers. I have several projects in mind for most of them, but here's the rub.
Most don't have the wires. I have been looking for connectors for a while, but without luck. I can make my own cables if I could just find the connectors.
So, can anyone point me in the right direction? There are so many different molex connectors I have spent hours looking at diagrams from various suppliers with no luck. Any suggestions on how to narrow the search would be appreciated.
I also have great difficulty removing the gear from the drive shaft. I don't have a wheel puller small enough to do the job, and the small ones I have bought are not robust enough to pull the spur gear off the shaft.
So anyone have a way of getting gears off small (3mm to 1/4 inch) shafts without destroying the motor and/or the shaft?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

OK, what I did was contact Digikey and send them the measurements including the pitch as well as several photos of the connector I needed to match and they found exactly what I needed. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

Start by measuring the pitch of the pins (space from pin to pin), then look for JST connector housings with the same pitch at Digikey, and mating pins that you will crimp onto wires. You can probably find premade cables with the same pitch at Amazon.
0.1"/2.54mm are pretty common, use a micrometer to make careful measurements. You can pick up a digital micrometer for not much money. I use a Pittsburgh 47256 4" micrometer that I picked up at Harbor Freight

Thanks, I have the same micrometer. I will check them out and see what I can find.

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