Stepper motor stats

I have a 5 wire unipolar stepper motor salvaged from a Chinese mini lathe that I wish to run with Arduino. I have contacted the lathe manufacturer to get a data sheet but they are not forthcoming with any info.The specs on the motor are as follows.W80-750W. 230V. 4.2A. 5000r/min. 750W. insulations class B. enclosure IP44. there is also mains supply wiring info and control supply info Red ( s+ ), Black ( s- ), Yellow ( SA ), Orange ( SB ), Brown ( SC ). My question is can the rest of the info needed to select a driver and connect to an Arduino ( ie stepper angle, etc. ) be obtained by physical inspection? Cheers, Mack.

Photo from Motor?

That doesn't look like a stepper motor.

I forgot to say motor is 3 phase DC.

My best guess is that's a 3-phase BLDC or AC servomotor (the distinction can be a fine one), one cable is 3 phase power U/V/W, yellow and green I'm not sure, perhaps a temperature sensor.

The other wire is "controlsupply", which is likely low voltage power and 3 Hall sensor outputs SA/SB/SC. This is used for sensing the rotor position for the servomotor controller to use for commutation.

Some reverse engineering skills and an understanding of motor control systems are needed really to figure out where to go next. Why not use the controller that came with the lathe? That might be easier to interface too, but watch out for the high voltages.

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