Stepper Motor (Unipolar) connected with HC-06 on MEGA 2560

Hi folks,

I’m new to the whole arduino thing and I’m trying to learn a lot. I’ve got myself some parts and now I want to build a stepper motor controlled with bluetooh, but I’m unsure how it will come out. I’m scared that it will damage something, because I forgot a resistor or something else. You find my plan here .
I would be happy for some feedback!
Regards, Moscarda.

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Why are you using the Mega pins 2 and 3 for the serial connection to the HC05? Are you using SoftsareSerial? Don't. The Mega has 3 extra hardware serial ports besides the one called Serial (USB). Use one of those ports (Serial1, Serial2 or Serial3) instead of Soft serial.

You should not power the stepper with the Mega 5V. The 5V from the Mega can supply only limited current. There should be an external source of power for the stepper.

When I use the HC05 modules I put a resistor voltage divider between the Mega TX (5V) and the HC05 RX (3.3V). It may not be necessary if you know that the HC05 RX input is 5V tolerant.