sterio signal across 3 soundbars


I honesly dont know much about speakers so hopefully i dont make this incredibly confusing :o ...

I just setup 3 moniters for my computer and I have a soundbar under each. each soundbar has a left-right-gnd audio jack wire output. I need to connect these wires to a single left-right-gnd audio jack from my computer. i dont know the best way to have the speakers hooked up.

I would like to wire it so that there is a sterio sound (or surround sound) across the speakers. would design 1 or 2 be better?

setup 1:
have the left input signal on the left sound bar, right input singal on the right soundbar, and split left
and right on the middle soundbar

setup 2:
have the left input signal on the left sound bar, right input singal on the right soundbar, and have a
mono signal on the middle soundbar, basically overlapping the sterio at the center.

(ignore the third one)

So does anyone know what the best sounding way to wire the soundbars would be. I want to really feel the sturround sound the best i can.
thanks :slight_smile:

I would use setup 1

But why not try it for yourself and see which sounds better?

Do you have a "mono" signal? You can't simply "short" the left & right signals together.

Are these active (powered) speakers? If not, make sure your amplifier can handle a parallel load. i.e. Two 8-Ohm speakers in parallel is 4-Ohms, twice the current and twice the power, and if the impedance is too low you can burn-up your amplifier.

A center speaker (mono or stereo) will "weaken" the stereo image, pushing the apparent sound-source toward the center. You may like the effect and that's OK but it's not how stereo is mixed or mastered in the studio and it's not how it's intended to be listened to.

In a surround-sound system the center is a separate channel so it doesn't hurt the stereo/surround image.

But if you have a home theater receiver there should be various Dolby Pro Logic "soundfield" settings that take advantage of the surround speakers when listening to a stereo source. The "movie mode" messes-up most music, but there are other modes that send reverb/delay to the rear speakers without altering the front-stereo signals (and without using the center speaker). Again, that's not how the 2-channel stereo recording was mixed or "intended".

ok I will do setup 1.
I tried testing both setups on a breadboard but there was so much static that it was hard to even hear it clearly. I was thinking before that a surround sound had mono in the center speaker but i see i'm wrong.
thanks for the help