Store support link issue

Im trying to get in touch with the arduino store people in regards to an order and the store support link doesnt work on any of my devices. Id like to find out the status of an order because i havent seen anything in my email for it but my card was charged.

I think you're going to have to find a computer where you can use that link. I was able to open it fine on a Windows 7 machine using Chrome browser. Unfortunately the people selling and the users here in the forum aren't very related. I think it is pretty safe to say that none of them will see anything written in the forum. We here are all users like you. There's nothing anyone here in the forum could do that you can't.

Good to know. Thank you very much. im doing this on my phone as well as win10

Please post the link that’s not working for you and explain where you went to find that link.

Its in the contacts page for store contact. It says File not found.

Ok, I thought so. I have the same problem with that link( I reported the issue a while back( and it was supposedly fixed so I don't know if it came back or was actually never fixed. I've notified the developer about this and he has reopened the issue.

I think you should get to a good link by going to the Arduino store, then clicking on the "Support" tab and then the "Contact Us" option from that menu. It's only the Support > Contact Us page of the website that has the bad link.

Is there any other way of getting a hold of these people?

Kickergt: Is there any other way of getting a hold of these people?

Dispute the credit card charge and have it reversed. They'll either contact you to get their money or they won't but at least you get your money back and you can try to buy somewhere else that actually has customer service.

I hope it doesn't come to that but it is what it is.

Did you try the "Contact Us" link from the store like I told you to?

I was able to send an email via We'll see if they respond but your suggestions seem to have led to a solution. Thank you guys.