Stylophone or Keyboard


Long time since I did anything with an Arduino, but I have the urge to finish a synth I started last December.

I have an existing arduino 5 dollar keyboard synth and also a stylophone with the guts removed.

Question is which to base the new project on ?

This is a quick demo of the filter

and this is a quick demo of the five dollar keyboard, the new project will include the filter, arp etc etc from both projects its just a question of whether more people would build a donor keyboard version or a donor stylophone version ?

Basic version with Arp

Dual oscillator and delay added

Duane B

What is a stylophone?

Ancient analogue stylus synth. Around christmas they normally have a promotion and sell them for 10 GBP which is reasonable as a donor enclosure, speaker, amp and keyboard/keypad/keystrip ? for an Arduino based synth.

They could sound much better with an Arduino inside.

Duane B

janost: What is a stylophone?

A musical instrument popularized in the 1960's by Rolf Harris, who's catch phrase "can you tell what it is yet?" strangely has not appeared in his current court case.

Given the Rolf angle, maybe the keyboard is the right way to go.


Go for the keyboard. Appeals to most people.

As soon as I saw the Stylophone I knew what is was :) I don't think its musically useful. More like awful.

You probably have seen my dsp-G1? The sound is great but using other than MIDI or a keyboard to play is really out of the question?

I was thinking of using a mic and analyzing freq and level to make it playable without any keyboard or buttons.

Sing or hum into it like a kazoo?