Sync nanoloop and Ableton Live

Sorry mods I posted this on another topic but it probably wasn't the best place to post because nobody replied

Hello, I am completely new to circuitry, soldering, and Arduino. I know how to read schematics on a basic level and know the basic terms. I need an interface that will control tempo, start and stop universally between a Gameboy Micro running nanoloop 2.5, a DMG running nanoloop 1.5 and a Macbook running Ableton Live 8 master suite. I don't know where to start or what I'll need. I know I'll need a board (no idea which one), a schematic, proper cables, conductors, resisters, capacitors, something to house the guts, a fine-tip soldering pen, and the software for programming. I don't know the specifics on any of these though. I tried to commission someone to make the interface for me but to no avail. Is this a project an amateur can possibly undertake?

Cheers, Riley

but it probably wasn't the best place to post because nobody replied

It was probably because nobody knew.

What you are asking is very specific and basically you are saying "has anyone done this. if so then please tell me how". Assuming from your previous lack of response nobody has.

Now what we are good at is general information or information about how to tackle researching into this project yourself.

You say:-

I don't know where to start or what I'll need.

Well start with what those two things need to control them. I have not got a Gameboy Micro but you have to find out what sort of input it would take to control what you want. Does it have any form of control input it can switch to like MIDI or OSC? If not the project falls at this first hurdle. Unless the makers of the software have allowed any sort of external control then just forget it.

Once you find out this you can then think about the Ableton Live end. Can it take the same form of input or will it need another form of input? I know Ableton Live is quite flexible into what you can route into it.

Then you need to work out what sort of inputs you want to control it with, buttons, light beams, pressure sensors? Then think about getting an arduino to take these inputs and turn them into one or two control outputs (depending on if Ableton Live can take the same as the Game boy). Only then will we know what sort of Arduino would suite best and start to think about a schematic.

Well the very first model of Gameboy was the DMG (Dot Matrix Gameboy) I've seen these synced with other DMGs and computer programs as well. I know you can sync a Gameboy color running nanoloop 1.5 to Live. (I'm pretty sure a gameboy color has the same I/O as the DMG) check out the last two videos on this reply. Every version of nanoloop is designed to synchronize with another copy of the same version. So there's a way you can get two gameboys to give each other info. Why not send those signals into an interface then, via MIDI, signal Live? The Gameboy Micro's battery charger input is also an I/O for multiplayer and other functions. Check this page out I just found, It says here that with this chord you can sync your GBM with your computer. I have no idea if ableton live could see a GBM through this cable or not. As for what I want to use to control "tempo, start, and stop" with, just the devices themselves. Their built-in start, stop, and tempo controls. Ideally each device could control the universal tempo but it would work if I could just control tempo with Live and the Gameboys would respond to the tempo changes. Now that I think of it, starting and stopping the Gameboys with Ableton would be nice but I don't know if that's possible. Another thing I should clear up is I don't need to trigger Ableton Live with the Gameboys (Unless it's possible to control the universal tempo with the GBs), just the Gameboys with Ableton Live. I guess what I'm asking for is help building a MIDI clock or MIDI merger to these specifications. So Ableton Live could control the tempos of the Gameboys and keep them in perfect time with Live.

I don't have a Macbook yet. I know the cable that would be coming from the computer to the interface would need to be USB to whatever the interface's input was. Preferably USB as I would like to use the firewire for a connection to my mixer.

Check these out as well,

I tried to contact the people who uploaded these videos for help and no reply.

If things are being interfaced by USB then at the moment the Arduino is not the best choice as it only acts as a serial interface attached to a USB master. I am sure that you can control the Game Boy through Ableton, if the Game Boy has a USB interface on it. It is probably best asking in an Ableton forum.


Are you searching something like that ?

or this : (from the creator of the second video )..

EDIT: I didn't saw that you have put a message on the blog already, i didin't exaclt understand your prob, did you try to build this nanosync device ?? or it is incompatible with the nanoloop 2.5 ?