TB6612FNG motor driver not working

I tried to run motor drive TB6612FNG and it's not working and I have no clue why :frowning: .
I attached the code and the schematic

TB6612FNG H-Bridge Demo
Demonstrates use of TB6612FNG H-Bridge Motor Controller
Drives two DC Motors

DroneBot Workshop 2019

int stby = 6;
// Motor A

int pwmA = 5;
int in1A = 3;
int in2A = 4;

// Motor B

int pwmB = 6;
int in1B = 7;
int in2B = 8;

// Speed control potentiometers

int SpeedControl1 = A0;
int SpeedControl2 = A1;

// Motor Speed Values - Start at zero

int MotorSpeed1 = 0;
int MotorSpeed2 = 0;

void setup()


// Set all the motor control pins to outputs
pinMode(stby, OUTPUT);
pinMode(pwmA, OUTPUT);
// pinMode(pwmB, OUTPUT);
pinMode(in1A, OUTPUT);
pinMode(in2A, OUTPUT);
// pinMode(in1B, OUTPUT);
// pinMode(in2B, OUTPUT);


void loop() {
static int counter = 0;

// Set Motor A forward

digitalWrite(stby, HIGH);
digitalWrite(in1A, HIGH);
digitalWrite(in2A, LOW);

// Set Motor B forward

// digitalWrite(in1B, HIGH);
// digitalWrite(in2B, LOW);

// Read potentiometers and convert to range of 0-255

// MotorSpeed1 = map(analogRead(SpeedControl1), 0, 1023, 0, 255);
// MotorSpeed2 = map(analogRead(SpeedControl2), 0, 1023, 0, 255);

// Set the motor speeds

analogWrite(pwmA, 125);
// analogWrite(pwmB, MotorSpeed2);


A schematic would be much better then the pictures. I do not see any power to the Arduino, the VCC on the driver is an input not a output. Reconsider the power section and how you are going to get good power to the Arduino where the motor will not mess it up. Remember the Arduino a Power Supply it is NOT.

A schematic would be much better then the pictures

tb6612FNG schematic.zip (4.0 ק״ב)

I do not see any power to the Arduino

The power supply of the Arduino is USB cable from computer.

the VCC on the driver is an input not a output

I am not sure what the problem... the 5V power supply of the Arduino is connect to VCC of driver

Thanks for the answer and sorry for the delay

I have no clue what a ".fz" file is. If it is a frizzy thing I do not open them.

It is frizzy...
How do you want me to attach the schema?

The directions to this forum will explain it to you. The USB only gives you about 4.5 volts on the 5V pin maybe a bit more depending on the design.

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