Temp control Relay & Time control Relay

So Im looking to make a small green house with Red/Blue LEDs and 140mm fans for temperature control and air flow. I am absolutely new to all this but was hoping to control the fans based on temperature with a temp sensor and relay and to also control the lights based on time of day and eventually switch from red lights to blue lights and vice versa, all from one Arduinocreate this.
I am brand new to all this and would love help creating a diagram and I think from there I can successfully do all this. Thank you in advance!

*also provided some of the specs of the fans I ordered, I have not ordered anything else

Why a picture instead of a link to the product / spec?

To run fans I would use logic N-channel MOSFET transistors.
Create code for just running fans. Then create a piece of code reading temperature. Then code for the LEDs. Incorporate the latest cod inte the previous version.
Any Arduino would handle this.