Temperature sensor for large distance

Hey friends,
Looking for a temperature sensor that measures a large distance. I would love to hear if there are any recommendations and if anyone knows how far the dht22 sensor goes ?

What is a "large distance"?

The DHT22 sensor goes not "go" anywhere. It senses the temperature of itself

20 meters and more

Just to confirm, you want to measure the temperature of something thats is 20m away from the Arduino, but you can place the sensor on the thing, with 20m wires going back to the Arduino?

I would suggest ds18b20.

I want to place the sensor in a certain place and that it will measure the temperature around it up to a distance of 20 meters from it

I took the question to imply that something was 20m away and that wires could not be run to it to measure its temperature

I await clarification from @shaymautner

Now you have confused me too.

Maybe he is looking for one of those infra-red pistol thingies, but I imagine 20m would be stretching the friendship there too.

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