Hi All,
I am trying to design my own interface for my project.

I use MEGA2560 + ER-AS-SSD1963 shield + ER-TFTM070-4 (TFT display 7 inch, 800x480, IC controler : SSD1963).

The first, i use image convert tool to covert file .c . But the size of image (file .c) is too large, so i decide use function “loadBitmap” by UTFT_Sdraw library to load image from SD card.

In the example “SdRaw_800x480” , i modifidy SD_CHIP_SELECT according to Datasheet of ER-AS-SSD1963 shield. ( I use paralell JP2 on page 7/11).

It is pin 47, i set pin 47 : OUTPUT and pin 53:OUTPUT and when i turn on the Serial monitor, i get “Card failed, or not present

Do i choose wrong pin?

ER-AS-SSD1963_Datasheet_2.pdf (716 KB)

SdRaw_800x48011.ino (5.47 KB)

I am not familiar with that shield, but must admit it looks good with all the config options available and the fact there is space for 2 Flash IC s. You are correct regarding SD-CS as pin 47 but also, have you configured for hardware SPI? Page 9 Table 3.8 :- J4 J5 J16 Short, J1 J2 J3 Open…



I just bought this same Shield from buydisplay
and I believe it is setup for software SPI, which I have no idea how to get working. Have you or anybody got the SD card to work correctly on this shield?