tft LCD shield v2.0 from

Hi all,
I have two old 2.4" lcd displays from (from yaer 2012) but nothing to find for the right libraries.
The company exists not more and I need som help to find the right librarys and examples. Can every body help me?
I have testet many different libraries and examples without success.

On this link you can see the shield...


What is printed on the pcb?
Pins are often marked with their purpose.

Either post a photo of the pcb or type the printed information next to each Arduino header pin.


Hi David,
please look at the link for pin description on pcb.
On the back site of display can I find...
0240-11ER 071111"

On the shield ar;
1x XP'T2046 1124
3x LVC245A
1x LVC573A

The modul fit exact on arduino uno R3 with all pins.
After power on the diplay light is on.


I can see printing in this photo but I can not read it:

And this image says nothing about the shield. It is just the Arduino headers.

I need to know what is printed on the shield.


Hi David,
a picture is attached now


So the front view printing is useless. It just gives the standard Arduino pin names.

Is anything printed on the pcb view?

As a general rule, a photo of the pcb side of a shield means that readers can identify it.
The front view is just a blank screen. However you can see that it has a Touch Panel. And which way is "up". e.g. the house icon.


on the back side only information for resistors and IC's, nothing else...


You will have to Google.

What are the chip numbers?

I can guess that the data bus is either 0-7 like UTFT or 8, 9, 2-7 like Mcufriend.
And if there are only 3 control pins A0-A2 they are probably TFT_CS, TFT_DC, TFT_WR.

So you can see that there are many permutations for the 3 control pins.

If I could see a photo of the pcb, I could follow the traces for myself.

When or where did you get this Shield?


now a picture of the back side from pcb and from display.
chip numbers on older post.
I have displays since 2012 but never used and now I have some new projects and try tu use them…


next picture…

it looks like 0-7 --> UTFT
ist it helpfool?


Please do not dismantle your shield. You only needed the photo P1180403.jpg

It appears that there is a LVC573 latch, and 3 LVC245 buffers. XPT2046 Touch controller, AMS1117 voltage regulator.

So the "driving" could be anything.

Google might help. Old UTFT might help.

If databus is 0-7, that leaves 8,9 for control signals. e.g. latch.
Life is a lot easier with 8080-8 interface and the Mcufriend pinout.


thanks David,
I will try it tomorrow..