The current value of Arduino DUE DAC

Hi, I was wondering the current value of Arduino DUE DAC output? If the DAC pin connect to a fixed load circuit,then change the size of the output voltage, the output current what will change? If I would like to use Arduino DUE DAC make a voltage sweeping device, this is possible? Thanks in advance

3mA is the current limit I used in my notes for DAC0 on Due. To prevent damage, I put a 470 ohm resistor in series with DAC0 and DAC1. It only drives an op amp input to boost the voltage range of the DAC, so the current is less than 10 uA from a DAC in my product.

The maximum current from DAC is 15mA.

Thanks for your reply. It looks like I can't make a voltage sweeping equipment only by Arduino DUE directly. But if I want use a Arduino(not only DUE,other types are OK) to make a voltage sweeping, do you have any ideas? Thanks! :)

The DAC can drive an op amp like the LT074 The op amp can use dual power supplies like +12 and -12 volts and the resistors can convert the small range of the DAC to the full voltage range. The DAC range is about .55v to 2.7v. If you need a low impedance voltage source as the output, another power amp is needed.