The KY-005 Infrared Transmitter the opposite way

So I have this cheap Ir transmitter from China that was in a 45 sensors package. Buying this package might have been a mistake but I have only tested one other sensor from it and that works perfectly but this Ir transmitter confuses me.
If you search on the web for this transmitter and compare it to mine, you can see that on mine the printing is the opposite way and the circuit is the opposite way too but the LED is the same exact way as it should be.
So here is the question if I change the 5v and gnd wires but will it work or should I put the S somewhere else too?
What is the right way of wiring it (if there is one)?
Or maybe would the right choice be if I just avoided using this transmitter and not risking a circuit damage by accidentally wiring it the wrong way?
The link to my weird transmitter: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

You can check to see if the IR transmitter is working, by looking at the IR transmitter with your phone or other digital camera.

To confirm, check the IR output from your TV remote with camera.

Ops image;

Thanks. Tom,, :slight_smile:

Thanks for that camera tip. Now it works!
I've tried out some variations and
if anyone has this same sensor Here is the right wiring: digital pin 3 goes to the one under the r1 (the one with the - sign next to it)
5V goes to in the middle
and GND goes to the one with the S sign
This way it WORKS!
Thank you

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